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With respect to the fruit of each land!

Every land, depending on the climate and geophysical conditions, creates its own “womb”, which skillfully and quietly produces its proper fruits: this is what we call “local off-springs”. Such local off-springs are encountered in the local flora and fauna or even among the local populations. 
Every alteration or mutation of these local off-springs consists a brutal invasion in Nature’s “Lab” and can entail painful consequences in the future.
The deeper and more powerful the invasion in the food chain of animals, plants and people, the more intense is the nostalgia one feels for a return to the genuine and authentic off-spring of Mother Nature!
The Extra Virgin Olive Oil Asklepios is such an authentic, genuine, nutritional and health-protective product: it has been given to us unaltered and unalterable for thousands of years.



Let’s learn something about the “Olympia” Olive Tree variety!


Hercules chose a bat made of olive tree wood in order to achieve his Labours. He also created a wreath of olive tree boughs for himself and he established the usage of such wreaths to crown the winners of the Olympic Games. We cannot say for certain if Hercules used the wreath to show his gratitude to the olive tree that his bat came from or because the olive oil was a high quality nutritional product!
In the late 2015, we sent samples of this oil produced by the local primordial olive tree variety to the researcher, Associate Professor in the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Faculty of Pharmacy, Department of Pharmacognosy & Natural Products Chemistry, Prokopis Magiatis. The chemical analysis results showed that the quality indicators of these samples were significantly superior to the established international standards on phenols. We also brought branches with leaves and olive fruit on them to Mr. Magiatis and he found out that this variety was not registered in the official National Registry of Olive Trees Varieties!
The name “Olympia” was given to this unregistered variety, because it grows in Western Peloponnisos and especially in the hills and valleys of Ancient Olympia in Ileia and of Thelpoussa and Iraia in Arcadia.
The trees of this variety have grown in the same piece of land, in a height of up to 600m, ever since the ancient times. The excellent quality of this olive oil is conserved without receiving any watering. It needs abundant sunshine, which offers rare substances absorbed and stored within the olive oil. Its age is hidden in the elderly trunks and is linked to the legends and history of the land. It opens up its branches that can be as long as 8 meters. It produces olive fruit until a very old age, without any alteration in the excellent quality of the oil.
It is considered a blessed tree in our country. Our people sing about it in traditional folksongs and our poets from Homer to Palamas, Seferis and Elytis have written poems about it.
Some verses from the poem of K.Palamas dedicated to the olive tree:
“I am the daughter of the sun/the more caressed than any other./For years and years my father's love/is keeping me in this world alive./No matter on which land I grow,/I never miss to grow my fruits;/By God I am forever blessed/And I am full of prosperity;/Until the moment I fall dead,/my eye seeks for him and only./I am the honored olive tree!”

Let's learn something about Asklepios!

It is estimated that Asklepios was born in the ancient Arcadian city Thelpoussa, very near Ancient Olympia. The way he was born informs us on the place of his birth. His father was Ischys, the son of Elatus (Fir Tree) and grandson of Arcas.  His uncle was Autolaos, the illegitimate son of his grandfather, Arcas. His mother was  Koronis, the daughter of Phigeas, the king of Psofida or Arsinoe, the daughter of Phlegyas the king of Thessaly. The Arcadian city of Thelpoussa belonged to the kingdom of Elatus. The two princes, Ischys and Koronis fell in love and, out of fear of their parents’ reaction, due to a war between the two families, they kept their relationship a secret. Koronis got pregnant, so it could not be kept a secret for long! There had to be a “father”! in those days, women would “name” some god responsible for their pregnancies, in order to avoid the consequences!
So, Ischys and Koronis blamed Appollo for this pregnancy. Acrow flew to the Oracle of Delphi bearing the new sand Pythia announced that Appollo was indeed the father of Asklepios! This is the argument of those who insist that the god Appollo was in fact a mortal who could have children! When it was time for the child to be born, some of the people in war who were not in favor of peace murdered the two lovers at the very moment of birth or just afterwards! Appollo ordered Hermes to bring the baby alive out of his half-dead mother’s body. Hisuncle, Autolaos adopted him and trusted him to his governess Trigona. The murderers blamed Artemis for the murder, so they could avoid the punishment. She was supposed to have done this in order to clean her brother’s humiliated reputation.
Ischys did not abandon his lover so that she would give birth to a strange place. He brought her near him, close to Thelpoussa, among friendly people and relatives! This is the place with the pillars, which, according to researchers belong to the “Temple of the Child Asklepios”: it was built by the Thelpoussians to honor Asklepios.


Learn something about olive oil «Asklepios»!

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